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            What's the functions of KPM60 motor protector

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              KPM60 series smart motor protector is suitable for rated voltage 380V to 660V rated current 5A-500A control loop. It has 19 basic protection functions, which could better realize the motor protection and data monitoring.
              Because the usage, performance, environment of motors are different, Compere Smart developed this KPM60 smart motor protector in order to avoid user’s inconvenience in protector selection and the extra cost of buying the unnecessary function.

              KPM60 motor protector function selection

              Through a lot of on-site and user research, we add the higher frequency and widely used function into standard selection. And those low frequency and not widely used functions are added to the optional function. In this way, which avoids extra cost of unnecessary functions.

              For example, KPM60 series low voltage motor protector supports the Modbus-RTU and Profibus-DP communication. However, Profibus-DP communication has a small audience and a narrow application field. If the communication is added to the standard configuration, it does not make any sense to the user. Modbus-RTU communication is the popular mainstream communication method. Adding it in the standard configuration, can help users effectively realize the communication of the motor protector.

              The following figure shows the KPM60 standard function configuration table:

              Function Content Standard selection Optional Remake
              3 phase current    
              3 phase voltage    
              Active power    
              Reactive power   Need to increase voltage function
              Power factor    
              Active energy    
              Reactive energy    
              Grounding current    
              Leakage current   Need to increase leakage function
              Heat capacity    
              Overload protection  
              Stall protection    
              Overheating protection    
              Short circuit protection    
              Current balance protection    
              Start timeout protection    
              Grounding protection    
              Loss phase protection    
              Contactor breaking current protection    
              Underload protection    
              Leakage protection   Need to increase leakage function
              Te protection   Suitable for mounting type motor
              Temperature protection    
              Overload protection    
              Under voltage protection    
              Underpower protection    
              Undervoltage restart   Need to increase voltage function
              Phase sequence protection    
              Power factor protection    
              Communication Modbus-RTU    
              Analog output 1 way 4~20mA transmitting output, transmitting item programmable   Need to increase analog output
              Switch output 8-way passive dry node optically isolated input    
              Relay output 4 way relay output    



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